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For years, Durham, NC was viewed as the “ugly stepsister” of the other Triangle area cities. Raleigh and Chapel Hill were hip destinations, attracting visitors with their restaurants, shopping and southern charm. Durham, on the other hand, was viewed as the grungy “urban” city with a downtown known for run-down buildings and crime. Not anymore. In the last decade, downtown Durham has undergone a drastic revitalization that has attracted state-wide and even national attention. With accolades such as “Tastiest Town in the South” in Southern Living magazine and local “repurposed art studios, biotechnology laboratories and radio stations” featured in The New York Times, Durham has become the place to be.

i coded an entire website (carolinemcswain.com/findyourcool) complete with an interactive map, interactive video, and interactive social component.

So, for my thesis capstone project in grad school, I created an interactive video, interactive map, infographic, and social component to a website all about my hometown using the online interactive video program Interlude. Check it out here. 

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