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there are so many great things about being sick and missing work. hitting snooze a few times then finally committing and turning the alarm all the way off. skipping your morning workout and also eating whatever you want because you’re sick and you need the comfort and love only loaded baked potato soup and a pimento grilled cheese can provide. staying in your PJs all day and only leaving the bed/couch for more ginger ale or blue gatorade. but the best part – even better than the “i’m home sick today please stop bothering me” OOO auto email reply you enforce on your work gmail? movies.

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i’ve been home sick a few times lately with a slew of problems ranging from my eyelids being swollen shut to throwing up 12+ times from pairing Whole Foods hot bar with 100 degree hot yoga – anyway, here’s what i watched:

Other People – i watched this movie solely because Landry (Jesse Plemmons IRL)  is the main character #TexasForever #ClearEyesFullHearts. but also because it’s gotten some awards season buzz and was free on Netflix. win win. i was home from work with a case of eyelash lice (look it up) and the salty tears i cried from this bad boy had some serious healing powers. no really, it was beautiful (the movie, not the lice). landry was amazing, molly shannon was incredible – it gave me all the feels. as a movie with the 1-2 punch of gay son in conservative family plus vivacious mom stricken with cancer will do. watch it now. A+

Hell or High Water – i knew Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine were getting some major buzz for this movie, so – even though it didn’t look particularly appealing to me – i watched it simply to be ITK (In The Know). were there some slow parts in which i was tempted to scroll through @DrPimplePopper posts on my Instagram for some extra entertainment? yes. were there some times when my hand flew to my open mouth in shock and awe? yes. well, maybe. i can’t remember. all that to say – it wasn’t an edge of your seat thriller like Disturbia (Shia4Lyfe) or a ROTFLCOPTER comedy like 21JumpStreet (the real slim shady) but the story line was good and the filming was beautiful and so is Chris Pine. B


The Lobster – one of my coworkers always goes to Park City, Utah for three weeks in January to volunteer at Sundance (color me jealous) and i remember when last year she came back talking about this movie. it sounded artsy, weird and confusing so obviously I had to watch it to solidify my looks-like-she-only-watches-chickflicks but oh-wow-cool-she’s-a-movie-buff reputation. and – wow – watching this upped my status from fledgling indie movie buff to straight up to the status of Mr Sundance Robert Redford himself. i watched an interview with Colin Ferrell where he said he himself still doesn’t really understand the movie even after starring in it so that made me feel better. BUT – of what i did understand – it was very good and surprising and thought provoking. B+ 

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