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i have always wanted to be one of those people really good at shopping at thrift stores. my little sister can find old mom jeans at Goodwill and turn them into high waisted shorts. my older sister can walk into a secondhand store and walk out with a barely-worn Armani blazer.

i am not thrift-y.

but, i am gift-y.

the sister on the left found blazer. the one on the right makes the daisy dukes.

no, that doesn’t mean i love giving gifts (although i do), and it doesn’t mean i love getting gifts (which i really, really do. like it’s my favorite part of life), it means what other people love about thrift shops – the rush of adrenaline when you walk through the doors and are met with the sheer possibilities that the endless rows and shelves ahead of you present; picking up and putting down dozens (hundreds?) of items until finding exactly what you envisioned; discovering something you never needed that you now know you can’t live without; and best of all finding a good deal or bargain – happens to me not at thrift shops, but at GIFT shops.

i live for them.

the cute decor. the trendy music. the stylish hipster working behind the antique table that serves as a checkout counter. even the slightly over-incensed smell.

where can you experience this gift-y bliss for yourself? luckily, Atlanta is the answer to all our gift store prayers. can I get an amen?


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