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did you know the average millenial spends 23.5 hours of their 24 hour day on social media?

ok i made that up, but like come on – it’s probably not that far off base. i mean at this very moment i have instagram pulled up on my laptop, my iPad plugged in to FB, and my iPhone locked in to snapchat. ugh i disgust myself.

my personal favorite? instagram. god, it’s a dark, dark rabbit hole though. one minute you’re liking a pic of your neighbor’s new puppy and two hours later you’re somehow looking at nick viall‘s dad’s personal page. #ineedhelp

it’s not all fun and games in this age of social media saturation. there’s a lot of unrealistic images being thrown at us daily. from the picture-perfect instagram “models” to the social influeners promoting weightloss teas, this stuff can get in your head. and it’s not healthy.

so do like me and fill your feed with some perfectly imperfect, real, authentic accounts. they’ll empower and encourage you, not send you racing out for a new waist trainer.


sara blakely – talk about a freaking #girlboss. this lady is insanely inspiring, funny, and REAL. she’s an entrepreneur (founder of spanx, nbd), mom, wife, and straight up badass. and she lives in atlanta, so like – let’s be friends. follow her for your daily dose of life advice, business savvy, and real talk.


lee tilghman – her insanely beautiful, refreshing @leefromamerica instagram account and blog not only showcase gorgeous, fresh recipes but also a healthy dose of perspective from an honest, kind, open soul. i can’t say much more without crossing the line from normal-amount-of-enthusiasm to a full blown deranged fan because i am that obsessed. let’s just say – one time she responded to one of my comments during her live instagram video. and, like, i’m still flying high from that. it was 6 months ago.



sarah herron – i was slightly embarrassed to put a former bachelor contestant on this list but F it, sarah is the tits. you may remember her from sean lowe‘s season of the show (he and his wife, catherine guidici, are also good accounts to follow – reppin’ real life after reality TV with no added glitz or glam) – sarah is all about self love, inspiring others, and using her story to help other girls. mad respect.

yes, she’s the one with one arm. she’s doing more with one arm than i could do with three.


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