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i love my boyfriend more than anything in the world, truly (he’d argue i love ice cream more. i’d plead the fifth) – and i always want to show him how much he means to me. one way a lot of couples express this? presents.

unfortunately, i have reallllllly been striking out these past few birthdays/holidays/v-days/anniversaries.

me upon seeing a purple and teal flat bill hat: “omg this is so trendy! he’s into street style – he’ll love this! so unexpected and spontaneous, but spot on!” him upon opening, while still smiling politely on the outside, but thinking: “why in god’s name would i ever wear/be seen in this?” he returned it at LIDS the next day.

me upon hearing a coworker say he has extra tickets to an indoor lacrosse game: “omg, my bf LOVES sports! he’ll love this! so unexpected and spontaneous, but spot on!” him upon opening the tix, while still smiling politely on the outside: “why in god’s name would i ever want to go to… what is this… why… where did you even get these?”

safe to say he knows I still love him. but I am feeling a little insecure about my efforts of showing it.

SO, Christmas rolled around and i was ready.

i had an idea.

EVEN better than that flat bill hat, those fitted sweatpants, those tickets to the country artist he didn’t know a single song from, the lax game WITH my coworker (yep, he didn’t mention he was still going), those wedgie-proof underwear……


that would be impossible to mess up, right?! experiences lead to memories and memories are freaking PRICELESS!!!!! he’ll be THRILLED!!!!!!

Spa – first up, a couples massage at a spa i found on Groupon. ok, i’ll admit it now – all of these were from Groupon. i was on budget here, ok? long story short, it was horrible. there was no heat and even the “masseuses” (very nice ladies, but…. no) walked in and immediately exclaim “DAYUUUM, IT’S COLD IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!” whilst we shivered away under scratchy towels. they talked the entire time about how they couldn’t wait to finish the massage and go to the closest liquor store. i wish i was joking. what i learned: do your research AHEAD of time. do a drive-by (to check it out, not shoot it up….). you get what you pay for, so splurge for a nice massage. it’s worth a little more when it comes down to someone rubbing down your naked body with lotion – or in this case Costco brand Shea butter.

Wine Tasting – after the epic failure that was the “massage” on the cot in the abandoned office building, i was terrified the wine tasting would be equally as traumatizing. but it was great. we had fun. would I do it again? no. boxed wine and Kraft cheese slices are still workin’ for me. was it an epic failure? PTL, no.

Cooking Class – classic case of saving the best for last, this was actually REALLY FUN. shoutout to The Cooking School at Irwin Street Market and Chef Jamia – the “Super Foods” cooking tutorial was so fun. there were other couples, father/daughters, mother/sons, GBFs… it was like a Beneton ad up in there. and by the end we were straight up besties. the food was yummy, no one had a Hitch-like reaction, and you get free ice cream from the parlor next door for dessert at the end. score.

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