blog: bars

i live for bars.

no, no – not the ones with sticky floors and overpriced drinks and sweaty, gyrating frat-stars desperately clinging on to the glory days of their past.

not those. (although no disrespect to fans of those – you do you.)

i’m talking protein bars. granola bars. fruit bars. those kind of bars.

i’m obsessed. i’ve probably tried every bar that kroger carries at least once. when the kroger employees see me coming – i hear the whispers “there’s bar girl. the one that spent $30 on bars alone last week.” but i’m not ashamed. bars are perfect. they are the perfect breakfast on the go (or, let’s be honest, on the couch). the perfect snack, anytime anywhere. the perfect companion when you just need someone to talk to. jk, but really – bars. are. bomb.

but not all bars are created equal.

let me lend my expertise.

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